Questback Survey Questionnaire


Dear Sir or Madam,

we believe that people are happier if they can determine their own affairs as far as possible. 
We believe that lived diversity makes the world a better place and enriches a society. 
We are students conducting a final year research project at the Cooperative State University Baden-Württemberg, Germany (DHBW Stuttgart).

Our Goal is to create an nonprofit online matching platform where people with extraordinary qualities,
talents, or wishes with respect to their working and living environment (e.g. sensitivities, allergies, sensibilities, intellectual giftedness, neurodiversity) can meet who are,

offering or looking for (a) housing or (b) work. 

Filling in the questionnaire takes about 10-25 minutes. Many thanks for taking part and supporting our 
project with your valuable input. 

Warm wishes, 

Jan Rymkuss, Joel Hecke
Academic advisors: Daniel Grühn, M.A. and Dr. rer. nat. Judith Rommel


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Why do we collect and process your data

Participation in this survey is voluntary (§ 6 (1) a DS-GVO). You can terminate your participation at any time without giving reasons. If you decide not to take part in this survey, this will not have any adverse effects on your participation in future surveys.

risks and advantages
The risks involved in taking part in this survey are comparable to the risks involved in expressing your opinion in writing or by telephone and in a search process on the Internet.
With the exception of the opportunity to provide support for scientific research, there are no direct advantages for you as a result of participating in this survey.

data protection information
The protection of your personal data is of particular concern to us. Your personal data will only be processed in accordance with the strict provisions of German and European data protection law. Your personal data will not be passed on without your consent and without legal basis. I also pay special attention to the implementation of appropriate data security measures, especially when processing special types of personal data.
I use your personal information, settings and history data exclusively for the purpose of conducting the study.

How can you contact us?

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Stuttgart, Supervisor: Dr. rer. nat. Judith Rommel, MA. Daniel Grühn
IT-Students Joel Hecke, Jan Rymkuss
If you would like more information about the processing of your personal data, please click on following link.