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Running a business is extremely challenging, especially when you face threats such as the Corona virus (COVID-19). We want to better understand how such threats impact on business owners, because it is their reaction to these threats which decides on the future development of our economies. Thus, we ask you who have first-hand experience of establishing and running a business. We thank you in advance for taking ten minutes to provide us with your insights and to participate in the survey. It can be easily done on your mobile device.

Your insights are extremely important as they contribute to a better understanding of how business owners react to major threats. How do you react to the challenges? How do you cope with the pressure? What kind of support do you need? The findings of this research will be made available to the concerned stakeholders, with the ambition to create improved support for business owners. We will provide you a 2-page executive summary already at the end of April.

We are researchers from Johannes Kepler University (Austria), University of Southern Denmark (Denmark), Aalto University (Finland), and University of Sydney (Australia) and we ensure you that all responses and information will be treated with the highest confidentiality, and will only be processed for the purpose of this research. The data will be made anonymous and handled in such a way that no specific individual will be able to be identified.

Thank you for your participation!
Prof. Matthias Fink, Dr. Johannes Gartner, Prof. Ewald Kibler, Prof. Daniela Maresch and Andreas Rauch