Questback Survey Questionnaire

Dear actors in the Forest and Wood Cluster, dear project members!

The ROSEWOOD4.0 project supports sustainable wood mobilisiation and digitalisation of the forestal sector within the European Union. A new emphasis is laid on digital solutions, tools and respective measures for the transfer of knowledge to promote the sustainability of wood mobilisation solutions across Europe.

The project aims at
• further developing digital dissemination and training tools that support practitioners (such as
platforms, training courses, webinars, practice abstracts, etc.)
• connecting the parties involved in an open innovation environment.

In this project we have the task to collect information about educational measures and teaching media that already exist in education and further education focusing on "Digitalisation in Forestry". Furthermore, we are asked to create an overview of these measures.

The Why

The forestal sector is lagging behind in terms of adapting and disseminating modern information and communication technology solutions (compared to agriculture) and we want to close the gap together.

• We ask for
your support to report and specify proven training courses and training materials, including free online e-learning content and tools that you are already conducting in your country. Please use the enclosed questionnaire to do so. By assisting us you help to further develop
innovative learning and teaching methods regarding the forestal sector internationally.
• Please inform us also if you do not know of any training formats which address or use digital
technologies – such feedback is valuable information as well!

Aim of the information collection
Create an overview of existing measures and teaching media in education as well as training on aspects of digitalisation in forestry.

The collection of information serves as a basis for the development of future-oriented educational and training materials. It will help to create a course concept regarding the digitalisation of wood mobilization in forestry.

What is to be done?
We kindly ask you to describe the training and advanced educational measures that are customary in your region. Please use one copy of the attached questionnaire each to describe an individual measure. It would be most helpful if you describe more than one measure - if possible for different target groups. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Feedback is requested by 30.06.2020.

We are at your disposal for further questions. Thank you very much for your participation in our survey!

Your WP 3 project team,
Thilo Wagner
Marie-Charlotte Hoffmann
Elke Hübner-Tennhoff 

on vocational and industrial training programmes, in particular addressing digitalisation in the forest sector

1. Title of the training measure

2. In which country/countries is this training offered?

3. Brief description of the training measure
(within 4 - 5 sentences)

4. Since when has this training measure been offered?

5. State of knowledge (last update)

6. Contents / Learning objectives

7. Target group of the training measure

8. Information on the educational institution

9. Contact / Contact person

10. At which web address can I get information about the training course?
If not available online - please send us the information directly

11. In which languages is the training offered?

12. Syllabus / Curriculum

13. In what form are the learning materials made available online?

14. If costs are charged for the use of the online materials, please indicate the costs in euros (€)

15. What other teaching materials are available for lecturers/end users?

Additional information

This survey serves scientific purposes in the context described above. Your information will be treated in strict confidence, names of contact persons will be deleted after project completion. Please give consent here for the evaluation of your information in the context of this survey