Questback Survey Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in the self-help technique called myMCT (for my metacognitive training) that we have developed to reduce the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. According to studies (see website), this technique has already helped many people to reduce their symptoms (for a review on myMCT studies showing that it has significant effects on OCD please read Philipp et al., 2019, Clin Psychol Psychotherapy). Please enter your e-mail address below, and you will receive the self-help intervention at no cost by e-mail attachment. In approximately 6 weeks, you will receive another e-mail in which we will ask you about your experiences and suggestions for improvement of the manual.

We are happy to send you the self-help technique at no cost. Nevertheless, if you benefit from the technique, we would be grateful for a donation. How much you donate, if you want to donate at all, is completely up to you. Helpful hint:
Please enter in the form below what it would be worth to you to achieve your goal completely, e.g., to completely stop ruminating or washing your hands compulsively. How much would you donate or pay for this? Next, please think about what it would be worth to you to achieve a noticeable improvement and enter this amount as well (e.g., only occasional compulsions).

If, after reading and applying the technique, you have achieved your goal or have noticed improvement, we would be very grateful if you would donate half of the amount you entered below to our working group (secure online donations may be made at Of course, any donation is voluntary. As a non-profit organization, we will issue you a receipt for your donation.

Please keep in mind that the development of new therapies, especially the research that is essential to prove the effectiveness of any new method, is expensive. We depend on your donations to develop new therapies.

Please indicate here the amount (in dollars or euros) you would pay to achieve a full recovery or a reduction of your symptoms.

Your contact name - how we may address you (e.g., Dr. Schroeder, Nick, anonymous)?

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