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Sales Diagnostic 


What costs nothing is worth… something? For a few years already, manufacturing  companies have expanded their industrial service business in the pursuit of long-term, profitable growth. However, this objective does not always materialize. Customers’ willingness to pay for services varies greatly, depending on the industry, country, product and specific offering . Moving “from free to fee”  is difficult enough in the traditional service business and does not seem to become easier with digital, “smart” services.

This is where service sales come into play. Selling services requires intimate knowledge of customer needs and operations to pinpoint where services can add value. Arguably, the roles for selling equipment and supporting customers are typically well-established. Less clear is who is proactively selling services, and how. Should a separate service sales force be established? Is a formalized sales process required? And what’s behind value-based selling? In short, the best way to sell services remains unknown.

To shed light on this issue, this study aims at three objectives. First, comparing sales approaches in sales organizations worldwide. Second, identifying successful practices in industrial service sales. Third, unlocking the black box of value-based selling and its link to sales performance.

By participating in this study, you will obtain a free diagnostic report that:

  • Compares the performance of your sales organization to the other study participants

  • Showcases successful practices in service sales

  • Synthesizes recommendations to tackle specific areas of improvement in service sales.

The study results will be presented in an online seminar  in November 2020.


We look forward to your participation.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli
Institute for Technology Management
University of St.Gallen